Dear Brain,

You have been with me since I was born, but listen up, why aren’t you normal like everyone else in this room? I wake up every morning, and I completely forget you aren’t, but I soon get reminded when I forget about the slightest thing, or I end up tripping and spilling a drink at my local coffee shop. I used to be so embarrassed you didn’t work like everyone else’s brain, that to me you weren’t perfect, but I don’t really care now. You can let me forget about whatever you want because, guess what? I have tricks of my own. I can do things to remind me not to forget like the good old diary sat on my desk. I shrug off my sense of embarrassment. If I make a mistake for the world to see, it doesn’t matter. It happens, I say. They tell me that you are knowledgeable in words, but I wonder if that even matters if your brain can’t construct a paragraph that makes sense, at times. I keep reassuring myself that even if you aren’t perfect, you will get me through this degree. As long as I put the effort and time in, I will get somewhere. Please don’t let me down because even though you’re imperfect, your imperfection makes me who I am.

Dear Alex,

You’re right, I am less than perfect, but remember this: your brain is what makes you unique. I know I can barely do maths, your essays sometimes aren’t structured correctly and you can’t ride a bike, but you can always improve. Well, apart from the riding a bike, which unfortunately, I am unable to help you with. Everything else, you are more than capable of doing. The more you do, the more connections you create in your brain, don’t forget that. So, dear Alex, please don’t just sit on a couch and mope around thinking you can’t do things. The only one who is putting obstacles in your way is yourself. Your self-doubt is not mine; I just create what you do and learn, but you’re the one in the driver’s seat. So, get a move on!!