Student Winner
Tara Lepore

My phone battery has died, and my music cuts out.

-next stop will be Coldharbour La-

Oh – shit – lucky

But. Oh. Um. Okay.

Slightly embarrassing. I can’t stand up. It’s my stop but I’m not getting up 

And. Oh. Yep. Not happened.

While this is my stop and I have to go home to where my boyfr – it’s OK – I’ll get off at the next stop. 

An old woman is slowly making her way down the aisle. There is still time. But. Whatever. It’s not a big deal. I’ll get off at the next stop instead. 

The release sound of the doors shutting again.

And on we go. 

Feel not great. 

Five green things. That tree. That other tree. Can I use tree twice? This is supposed to help when I get into a panic, but I can’t see five green things and 

The next stop will –

Thing is. If I go home now, he’ll have cooked and there won’t be a good time to tell him. What if he’s done a garlic bread too? Then it would be impossible. 

This man is getting off so I could – but – oh, I can’t. Still. I’ll be late and make an excuse and won’t have to talk to him tonight. 

A lady with hair that smells like coconuts moves to the seat in front of me. I’ll stay on until the end and then decide what to do. She has a green clip in hair. 

Then a bin. 

And a car.

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