Student Shortlisted Entry
Faith Pring

The sky has never been darker, twisted and clouded in my eyes, blinding skies spreading over the hills. The familiar drum of the engine and the wheels does little to ease the sound of my beating heart pulsing in my ears, reminding me that I’m still here. As I lift my hand slowly off the armrest, I realise my hand is shaking, the goosebumps slowly rising, my eyes blurring. Am I really about to do this? I ask myself, but the validation comes quickly.

I return my gaze to the window, ignoring the concerned stares from the man in the seat opposite. He’s wearing a full suit and tie, his brow furrowed. He would never understand, people like that never do. Can he not see how dark the sky is? Does he only see blue, or can he see the golden lights that twist into the dark of night, darkening until they blur into white. It’s the end of the journey, my journey, and I’m walking towards the white like it’s the only light left in the world.

My shaking hands don’t concern me anymore. Where I’m heading, I needn’t be afraid, no more concerned stares from oblivious passers-by. I close my eyes and relish the thumping as we pass over a familiar speed bump. I wait for the bus to drop back down and smile. I know this route all too well.

I’ll ride this bus to the end of the line and then,

I’ll jump.

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