With a myriad of opportunities to write, read and perform, WRAP students are continuously developing their skills. This anthology showcases some of the work written by our WRAP community. It is ‘so far, so good’, because there is much more to come.

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The Contributors

Aleatory by Justyna Cuglewska, WRAP Alumnus

Conviction by Paul Adey, WRAP Writer

Dear Brain by Alessandra Leone

Drip by Paul Adey

False Leads by Jani Papila

Frustration by Nick Barratt

Glance by Kai Northcott

HMRC by Paul Adey

Light by Te Zhao

Sounds like a false start by Nick Barratt

The Butter Playground by James Sugden

The Sun Rises on the Ville by John Lewell

Unborn Seed by Paul Adey

Winter’s rant by Justyna Cuglewska

You live my heart by Paul Adey