June 16th at 11:23
See I was in the kid’s bedroom, tidying up.
That’s when I heard the front door, saw the envelope

My address, my government name
Printed in black, written in ALL CAPS.
See I could hardly contain myself,
Cause that recycled paper just brought it all back.

Feelin’ faint, had to sit myself down
Staring at it like, how could this be?
For all these years I have been waiting.

Four off-white sheets of unbridled glory
Folded lengthways and I know this fragrance.
And written inside the most purest verse
Informing us that we have made overpayments.

… £2,300 pounds.
That means I will never forget this moment.
See your impersonal cold-hearted tone
Just made this event all the more …


… Joyous day.
And I will need to thank them powers that be
For blessing us on this majestic morning